BBQ Trends with Moe Cason and Steve Harvey

What are the BBQ Trends? Pitmaster Moe Cason Breaks it Down for Steve Harvey

Big Moe Cason has made a name for himself with competitive wins and national broadcast appearances on BBQ shows.  Watch this great video of BBQ Pitmaster Moe Cason share the latest BBQ trends with Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey just about dies and goes to heaven with Destination America’s “BBQ Pit Wars” star Moe Cason. They have a great time trying their “bobby-q”.

Moe breaks down the latest in trends for BBQ including:

Bourbon Sauce – Bourbon brings out great depth in meats and blends well with rich sweet sauces.

Beef Ribs – Beef ribs have gained popularity on the smoker. With more access to techniques and

Macaroni & Cheese – Baked macaroni & cheese is an exceptional side that blends creamy and cheesy textures as a perfect contrast side for smoked meats.

Whole Hog  – The holy grail of BBQ mastery, cooking whole hogs have become more popular. Moe shares some great tips on cooking evenly. Do you have a smoker big enough for a hog? Consistency is most important for whole hog cooking.

Are you up on the latest BBQ Trends? Let us know what BBQ trends have stepped your game up. Happy Q-ing!

Author: Staff

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