The Most Expensive BBQ In the World is in NYC

Dry Aged + Slow Smoked = Expensive BBQ Worth Every Penny

Is $47 a pound expensive BBQ? Hill Country in New York City combines dry aged treatment with slow smoking to create tender steakhouse quality beef. From what we can see this expensive BBQ looks worth every penny.

Hill Country BBQ - The Most Expensive BBQ Ever?This great video from the Meat Show, host and professional carnivore Nick Solares visits New York City barbecue favorite Hill Country, to sample a meaty hybrid that’s right up his taste buds’ alley. Chef Charles Grund Jr. combines fancy steakhouse-quality beef, dry aging preparations, and barbecue techniques to create what might be the most expensive barbecue in America at $47 a pound.

If you’re in New York you can check them out at:

Hill Country New York City

30 West 26th St.


(212) 255-4544


Author: Staff

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