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We’ve got a great Father’s Day BBQ Gift Guide to help you buy for your pitmaster. If you’re looking to go beyond a tie and “breakfast in bed” for Dad and he loves to BBQ, we have a list of great gift ideas including from BBQ tech, accessories, sauces, rubs and grills.

Dad’s love a freshly mowed lawn, a cold beverage, the sun on their face and the aroma of smoked meat in the air. We put together a list of great gift ideas. If you want to buy these gifts we hope you’ll click our Amazon Affiliate links that will take you to your Amazon account. Your purchases help us keep BBQBLVD going.

We curated these gifts as BBQ enthusiasts that want you to give the special Dad in your life an epic Father’s Day. These gifts will make Dad happy while keeping the BBQ coming!

Father’s Day BBQ Gift Guide

BBQ Tool Set

Tools excite Dads. BBQ tools really excite Dad’s. When it comes to the BBQ tool set it’s about durability and functionality. Tongs, knives, spatulas, probes are the tools of the pitmaster. If you can get all that and cool packaging it’s even better. Here are a few recommended BBQ tool sets available on Amazon we like:

BBQ T-Shirt

I know you were thinking BBQ apron but don’t do it. It will be much cooler and practical to get Dad a T-shirt with some cool BBQ phrases. Granted the meat, butt rubb t-shirt jokes can get over the top, but I promise there’s a shirt out there for you.

There’s even a Personalized Nobody Does BBQ Like “INSERT DAD’S NAME HERE” T-Shirt available that looks to have a quick turn around and shipping.

We all love to talk about our BBQ skills recipes and wins on the smoker. Choose a cool t-shirt that gets the conversation started or is simply just perfect for the Dad that cooks in your backyard.

Bottom line on the BBQ Apron intervention: BBQ T-shirt=Dad is Dope. BBQ Apron=Ward Cleaver Cookout (no bueno). Here are some examples of BBQ T-Shirts that represent the culture:

Coolers & Things to Keep it Cool

For one reason or another a cooler is always a handy thing. Cooler technology has come a long way from the styrofoam temps we pick up from the grocery store. Coolers today range in variety from design and functionality. There’s also some brand snobbery when you get around the premium cooler names like Yeti.

Yeti has mastered the design of cold retention technology. From the ultra luxe Yeti Tundra Cooler (ranges in size from 20-75 quarts) and holds ice for almost a week. The Yeti Coolers Rambler Colster made for 12 oz. cans costs close to $40 but keeps drinks nice and chilly for an eternity. Every piece of Yeti technology I’ve used impresses me because it simply works well.

Nothing has shook up the cooler world like the Kickstarter hybrid the Coolest Cooler. This hybrid cooler incorporates a blender, a bluetooth speaker boasts 5 days of ice retention. It also features a USB charger, LED Light and a bottle opener. This is the Swiss Army cooler of them all. It has mixed reviews but definitely brought convergence to the cooler game.

Buying a cooler is also about how it’s being used. Is it just for BBQ or will it also be for hunting and fishing? If they are into competition BBQ you may need a larger cooler. If it’s just for sodas and beers then that may be a smaller cooler. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to high end coolers and their ability to retain ice for longer periods of time. The larger you go the more expensive it will be on the high end side. You can never go wrong with a drink cooler.

Here are a few coolers we recommend:

Smokers & Grills

Buying a smoker for a guy that loves to BBQ can be like buying shoes or a purse for a woman in it’s complexity. Understanding how your BBQ enthusiast cooks should influence your choice. If you’re looking to buy for the hamburger, hot dogs and steaks Dad a gas grill may be the best option.

Kamado Joe Big Joe

If there’s an interest in slow smoking meats than a smoker is the right way to go. The level of BBQ expertise is also a factor to consider. I wouldn’t recommend a huge box or barrel smoker for a beginner that isn’t cooking for many people.

Ceramic Smokers

I was introduced to ceramic smokers by my mother who was the first person I knew with a Big Green Egg almost 20 years ago. As she had the new green egg shaped cylinder delivered to the deck my Dad was mortified by this BBQ contraption. Until she made a boston butt that melted away any apprehension into a pool of delicious smoked meat juice. Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe and Primo are some of the biggest names in ceramic smokers.

Primo 775 Oval Large

Ceramic smokers maximize air flow to preserve coal usage while locking in temperatures. Also a range of accessories allow the ceramic cookers to convert to an open grill to sear a steak at 600+ degrees, a pizza oven or an indirect (convection type) smoker. The nature of the ceramics help to retain moisture while infusing smoke. I’ve smoked a brisket for 14+ hours on one load of coal. There are a number of great ceramic smokers out there. Sizing can be an issue if you’re cooking for a lot of people so get the larger ceramic smoker as you’ll be stuck with the cooking surface once you get it home.

Traeger Pellet Grill 19.5K BTU

Pellet Smoker

I resisted the pellet smoker innovation at first as a BBQ traditionalist. But with the innovation of smokers continuing to develop, you can’t deny the efficiency of a pellet smoker. Manufacturers like Traeger are focused on delivering an authentic tasting BBQ experience through a more efficient cooking system for smoking meats. Traeger grills aren’t cheap, yet their worth it when you taste the results.

Weber Kettle Grill

The Weber Tradition

The Weber Kettle Grill was the first smoker experience we ever had with BBQ and smoked meats. With the versatility of converting to indirect heat or fast searing steaks the Weber Kettle Grill is a fantastic place for beginner and even experienced BBQ enthusiasts.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker was my first smoker and Father’s Day Gift. It offers a water pan, built in thermometer, fire pan with great air control and venting. While the cooking surface can seem limited there’s a lot you can do to the configuration that will allow you to smoke ribs, a turkey, hams, pork shoulders and more. It’s a great smoker that’s reliable every cook. Perhaps that’s been my biggest experience with Weber is a tradition of reliable cooks when I needed them.

High Tech Meat Thermometer: iGrill2


The iGrill was one of the first BBQ tech gadgets I ever purchased and now iDevices iGrill2 is the latest in BBQ thermometers and app innovation. Paying more than $100 for a meat thermometer can seem a little steep but it’s worth every penny. This high tech thermometer makes sure your meat is cooked to perfection by connecting with your smartphone via Bluetooth and an outstanding app interface. It’s great for searing steaks but I’ve found it most useful for low and slow cooks and has 4 probes available. The iGrill2app allows you to set a range of great meat temperature presets or set your own cooking temperature targets. With capacity for four sensors you can combine their meat probes with fire temperature probes and track your pit fire temp and also the cook progress on three cuts of meat. If you have long cooks on briskets or pork shoulders the iGrill2is a must have tool.

Grand Grill Daddy Platinum Steaming Brush

The Grand Grill Daddy Platinum is a powerful professional-grade grill-cleaning tool. Simply preheat the grill, fill your Grand Grill Daddy Platinum with water and brush away caked on food residue and grease.

  • Grill-cleaning tool harnesses the power of steam to easily clean
  • Aluminum alloy construction; heavy-duty stainless bristles
  • Ergonomic grip and weighty design for superior leverage
  • Includes 3-row scraper brush and replacement brush set
  • Measures approximately 7-1/2 by 20 by 6 inches

BBQ Wood

Having the right wood is the key to the infusion of great flavor in BBQ. As BBQ awareness has evolved, so have the variety of options for wood and use with meats. Beyond classic wood like Hickory or Mesquite, there’s Apple, Pecan, Cherry, Grape, Oak, Alder and many more.

Chips vs. Chunks

Depending on how your BBQ enthusiast smokes you should buy your BBQ wood accordingly. BBQ wood is soaked prior to use so that it will smolder longer and produce more smoke through the cooking process. Chips are good for either faster infusion of smoke flavor depending on the cooking method. Gas grill users with a smoker box must use wood chips. Chunks burn longer and slower when soaked. They are also good for smokers with larger fireboxes. Some people use chunks as an alternative to charcoal for increased flavor.

Here are some popular BBQ wood chip and chunk choices including a variety pack:

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at BBQBLVD.com and Happy Q-ing!

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