Himalayan Salt Plate Review: The 100 Million Year Old Grill

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What’chu Know ‘Bout That Himalayan Salt Plate?

If you thought Qing with cedar planks was fun, try out the Himalayan Salt Plate by Charcoal Champion. Nothing like having a piece of 100 million year old salt mined from the Himalayas carmelizing your meat on the grill in the backyard (check out the Charcoal Champion video below that tells the origin of the salt plate). Using a  salt plate directly on your grill creates a cooking surface that also infuses flavor into your favorite meats. It also steps up your BBQ game significantly.

Himalayan Salt PlateUsing a salt plate results in a milder flavor than when using ground salt. Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals, which adds to the depth of flavor your foods will achieve when cooked, chilled, or simply presented on the plate. Himalayan salt plates have naturally low moisture contents, which allow the plate to be heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. The Charcoal Champion salt plate holder eliminates excess pressure to any one area of your plate, while protecting fragile edges and extending the salt plate’s life. As your salt plate begins to wear down, you will get more use of the cooking surface by using the holder as a frame to hold together the pieces of salt.



We highly recommend the Himalayan Salt Plate by Charcoal Champion. Shrimp and steak are exceptional on the salt plate. Much like a fajita presentation the Himalayan Salt Plate allows you to really create amazing visuals for everyone you’re cooking for. Be sure to bring your salt plate to temperature slowly to make it last the longest.

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