North Koreans Try American BBQ For The First Time

Watch this amazing video where North Koreans try american BBQ for the first time. The reactions to BBQ were captured Digitalsoju TV. They paired meats with regional sauces from Gates (Kansas City), Lawler’s (Alabama), 12 Bones (North Carolina) and Rudy’s Bar-B-Q (Texas).

In this original video, North Korean Defectors tried BBQ for the first time. As they describe their experience, access to meat is a luxury and heavily regulated. They describe

As they walk through the regions of BBQ sauces with pulled pork, brisket and KC Style burnt ends, beef ribs, sausage and smoked chicken, you see an honest and pure reaction to a the great American legacy of BBQ.

The politics of food scarcity in North Korea and also government sanctions on access to beef provide context as to why this video has gone viral. The universal appeal of BBQ shines through on this great video that shows the true feel good comfort food of BBQ.

Enjoy! Happy Qing!


Author: Staff

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