Top BBQ Gadgets – Product Review

Summer’s almost here and there’s plenty of time for BBQ. BBQ gadgets are reaching an all new pinnacle of innovation. From starting a fire to cleaning the grill, tons of cool new solutions are out to help you make your next BBQ easier than ever.

Here’s our Top BBQ Gadgets of and product reviews of the Airlighter, Weber Grill App, iGrill2 and the Grillbot. These BBQ tools will blow you away! Need a robot to clean your grill? We got you!

Investing in the right BBQ gadget also creates more time for you to focus on other things. What’s the latest in BBQ tech? Check out this CNET video review of hot new BBQ innovation.

Top BBQ Gadgets For The Summer



Start your charcoal in 10 seconds flat with the Airlighterby Bison. Priced at $89.99 the Airlighteris a Chef Quality Butane lighter with a rechargeable power source via USB. The unit uses a fire feeding fan with an adjustable handle to make sure you don’t get burned as you start your fire. You will need butane (not included) to keep it fueled up.



Weber Grill App – FREE

Weber is one of the most respected names in BBQ and grilling. Their FREE app is top notch and provides over 75 new BBQ recipes every Friday. There’s videos and a cool bookmark feature to save your favorite recipes. If you have a smartphone and love to grill, it’s a must have app.



The iGrill was one of the first BBQ tech gadgets I ever purchased and now iDevices iGrill2 is the latest in BBQ thermometers and app innovation. Paying more than $100 for a meat thermometer can seem a little steep but it’s worth every penny. This high tech thermometer makes sure your meat is cooked to perfection by connecting with your smartphone via Bluetooth and an outstanding app interface. It’s great for searing steaks but I’ve found it most useful for low and slow cooks and has 4 probes available. The iGrill2app allows you to set a range of great meat temperature presets or set your own cooking temperature targets. With capacity for four sensors you can combine their meat probes with fire temperature probes and track your pit fire temp and also the cook progress on three cuts of meat. If you have long cooks on briskets or pork shoulders the iGrill2is a must have tool.




Automate your BBQ and grill cleanup with the new Grillbot. For around $99.99 you can let your Grillbotscrub your grill for you while you relax with a cold drink. It’s like a Roomba for your grill! It features push button operation and three strong electric motors. It also includes a built in LCD alarm, timer and smart computer to regulate speed and direction. Grillbot replacement stainless steel brush setsrun around $12 if you’re on enamel coated grill grates you may want to pick up theGrillbot brass brush set and they run around $19.

What’s your favorite BBQ tech or gadget? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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